McManus Celtic Art is a creative studio run by artists Andrew & Catherine McManus. Andrew is an Irish illustrator with his own distinctive approach to Celtic knotwork. Catherine is a fine art photographer & designer who is inspired by all things nature. A&C make their creations from their home in the forests of Northeast Ohio.

MCA’s goal is to create unique and sophisticated designs inspired by traditional Celtic knotwork, and to offer a refreshing alternative to the typical mass-produced St. Patrick’s Day apparel and accessories that flood the market in the United States.

Founder Andrew McManus is a talented Irish artist with a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of Celtic art. He draws inspiration from traditional knotwork designs and gives them a modern twist, creating elegant and stylish apparel and accessories for the modern Celt. Each design is created by hand, and every T-shirt, tote bag, and accessory is screen printed with care and attention to detail. The result is a line of high-quality products that reflect the beauty and sophistication of Celtic art.

McManus Celtic Art is more than just a studio, clothing brand, or a screen printing business – it is a celebration of Celtic heritage and a tribute to the rich cultural traditions of the Celtic lands. Whether you are of Celtic ancestry or simply appreciate the beauty of Celtic knotwork, McManus Celtic Art has something for everyone who loves unique and stylish apparel, accessories and home decor.

Who were the Celts?

Anyone with ancestry from a country or area of Europe where Celtic languages were spoken. But we also believe that the Celtic spirit lies within anyone who is drawn to the rich history, myths and legends of the Celtic lands.

The Celtic Nations

The seven Celtic Nations are Eire (Ireland), Kernow (Cornwall), Mannin (Isle of Mann), Alba (Scotland), Cymru (Wales), Breizh (Brittany in France) and Galicia (in Spain). All seven nations have their own Celtic languages, and some are still spoken today.

Celtic Knotwork

McManus Celtic Art celebrates the mesmerizing artistry of Celtic knotwork. Steeped in ancient traditions and rich symbolism, Celtic knotwork is a captivating form of decorative design that originated in the early medieval era of the Celts. Intricately woven with interlocking patterns and loops, these knots represent an eternal journey, interconnectedness, and the cyclical nature of life. Each knot tells a story, weaving together threads of history, mythology, and spirituality. With its timeless elegance and enduring allure, Celtic knotwork continues to inspire awe and fascination, serving as a bridge between past and present, tradition and innovation.

Where we’ve been… and where we’re going

Andrew has been illustrating his own unique style of Celtic knotwork for over 30 years, inspired by rich traditions of the Celts in his hometown of Armagh in Northern Ireland. Since he was a young child, he has been fascinated by ancient local landmarks such as Navan Fort, Newgrange and the Hill of Tara, as well as medieval illuminated scripts, The Book of Kells and The Book of Armagh.

Since the late-90’s, Andrew has worked on hundreds of commissions as Broken Glass Design, his first artistic business venture and creative haven during his university years studying Architecture. He painted his Celtic knot designs on glass vases, windows and other canvasses. After moving to the U.S. in 2016, he took an interest in screen printing and started incorporating his designs onto t-shirts and other apparel.

Together with his wife Catherine, a photographer & designer, he founded McManus Celtic Art in 2021.

Andrew’s evolution as an artist continues to merge his deep-rooted love for Celtic knotwork with innovative mediums, igniting boundless possibilities for the future. Join us on a journey through the enchanting realm of Celtic art, where beauty and symbolism intertwine.